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As a Teen, Counseling Was a Life Saver!

My teen years were some of the hardest. I always felt like my emotions were bigger than me and I thought no one would ever understand. I kept everything bottled up inside. Most of the time I felt awkward, lonely, and depressed but no one ever knew.


When I was a junior, I finally went to my school counselor. It was the first time I had someone validate and tell me that what I was feeling didn’t make me “crazy” like I thought. This was pivotal in my life and inspired me to study psychology in college and ultimately become the counselor that I am today.


I strive to create the same safe and accepting space for teens that was offered to me during the toughest moments of my life. I know first hand how such an environment and relationship can change a teen’s whole perspective. 

Teen talking with a therapist for teens regarding her mental health and well-being. Therapy for teens in Metairie, LA is here to help navigate the teenage years with care and support!

A Different Approach to Therapy for Teens

Therapy services for your anxious teen are an investment! I understand that. I want you to know who I am from the start so that you can know what you are paying for when you sign your teen up for my services. 


Before we even begin scheduling sessions, you get to have a virtual consultation that is free of charge. I treat this consultation as an informal “Meet N’ Greet” to help you get to know me and my approach and get a picture of what counseling sessions will look like with me and your teen. I will also ask about what brings you to seek out counseling for your teen so that we can both decide if I am the best person for your child. 


A brief insight into my approach is that I treat teens as whole people, not a diagnosis, not a set of symptoms, not criteria for mental illness. I believe all people can benefit from counseling and talking to a counselor is not to fix something that is wrong. Rather, I take the person in my office for exactly who they are and I don’t expect them to be anyone but that. Through fostering a healthy therapeutic relationship that is centered on trust and authenticity, I know that teens can accomplish anything! 

Teens I Work Best With

Therapeutic Interventions for Therapy for Teens

Expressive arts therapy

Expressive arts therapy means using various forms of artistic expression to process thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I use painting, drawing, collage making, clay, music, creative writing, and so much more to help teens express themselves. Some feelings are hard to talk about and for teens with traumatic pasts there may even be memories that are inaccessible. Creative expression can lower an obstacle that is in the way of healing.  

Teen participating in Expressive Arts Therapy as part of Therapy by painting with blue paint on a canvas for Teens in Metairie, LA.
A pair of hands with sand falling through them as part of Sandtray Therapy for Teens in Metairie, LA.

Sandtray therapy

Sandtray therapy uses a rectangular plastic tray filled with sand. I use the sandtray as a canvas for storytelling and processing. The sand itself serves as a grounding force because of its soft and satisfying texture. My shelf is full of various figurines that help to create pictures and stories in the sand. Clients often think they are just grabbing figures and randomly placing them in the sand but the subconscious knows exactly the right object and placement for what you need. The sand is literal magic!

Family therapy

From time to time it may be necessary to bring in parents or other members of a teen’s family to discuss certain topics. Maybe there is some conflict that needs to be resolved or perhaps a teen is ready to share about things they are working on in counseling with a caregiver. I help teen clients practice self-advocacy and autonomy by encouraging them to ask for necessary family sessions. I help teens prepare, practice, and carry out successful family therapy sessions.  

A teen and their parent working together with a teen therapist as part of Family Therapy for Teens in Metairie, LA.
Teen practicing meditation and mindfulness as part of their Therapy for Teens in Metairie, LA.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is a cornerstone of my work with teens. I believe that developing a mindfulness practice can greatly improve mental and emotional health. Mindfulness requires focus and acceptance of the present moment. This is a skill that needs to be developed and practiced over time. I will usually end counseling sessions with a mindfulness practice and encourage teens to practice meditation at home. 

Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is really just what it sounds like! The teen gets to be the leader and decide what they need to talk about. Even if I present an activity or art exercise for us to do, if you need to talk about something else, I am here to listen. 

Teenage boy talking with his Teen Therapist as part of the Therapy for Teens in Metairie, LA.
Teen working on her laptop participating in Therapy for Teens in Metairie, LA to improve her teen mental health.


We have rates to meet a variety of budgets! To find out more, please complete a Consultation Request Form.


*All services are available for virtual counseling sessions. With school permission, your teen may be able to attend sessions while at school. This means not missing class! 

Begin Therapy for Teens in Metairie, LA Today!

If your teen is struggling with their mental health and its impacting their abilit to fully live and enjoy life, Therapy for Teens at Creative Counseling and Wellness is here to help. As a Therapist, I have both personal and professional experience with these issues and am prepared to walk this journey of self-discovery with your teen. Follow the steps below to get started. Through ownership, balance, and practice, your teen can own the stage and the stage called life!


Other Mental Health Services Offered at Creative Counseling and Wellness

I specialize in working with teens and their families. I work with a wide variety of individuals such as: LGBTQ+ Teens, Teens with Anxiety, Theater Teens, Creative/Artistic Teens, Teens Questioning Gender Identity, High Achieving Teens, Teens with Social Anxiety, and Teens Struggling with Perfectionism. My own own life and experience gives me a unique perspective that lends itself to working with teens especially. Reach out today!

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