Let’s Get Clear About Theory!

Professional therapist consultations to help you feel more grounded in your work and say goodbye to impostor syndrome!

…”But I don’t need theory,
because not one theory fits all clients”

Services Offered:

  1. Finding the Road Map-$70 (a single 30-minute consultations)
    • Clarifying your worldview and lens for change.

Using the Road Map (+$15)

– Using theory for creating, setting, and maintaining boundaries with clients.

– Learn how to build rapport with theory.

Owning the Road (+$15)

– Using theory to beat impostor syndrome

– Using theory to make and save more of your hard earned money!

Full Package

-Pay for all services (Finding the Road Map, Using the Road map, and Owning the Road) together.  

*Additional consultations can be purchased for $40/consult

* Students get 25% off all services!

How will this work?

Step One:

Is going to be to help you clarify what your worldview is, this is the lens from which you view change and the development of problems. This is KEY for getting clear about theory! I have several reflective questions that we will discuss to help you start to see your clinical road map. You will start to feel more grounded in your work and take initial steps towards saying goodbye to impostor syndrome. 

Following steps:

I offer several add-on consultation services that are great follow ups to the initial Finding the Road Map consult. These will help you utilize your theory for establishing boundaries and building client rapport as well as getting to the root of impostor syndrome in order to save you time and money! 

Need Any help

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