Teen Mental Health

If you have a teen in your household, you may be wondering what makes them so “moody” and “emotional.” I put those terms in quotations because they are labels often placed on teenagers as they navigate the roller coaster of their feelings, but did you know there are very valid reasons that your teen seems so up and down? These reasons are physiological, environmental, and part of the experience of growing up. I am here to breakdown 3 factors that may influence a teen’s mental health.

Graphic that shows the strengths of the right brain vs. the left brain. Learn more about how our brains process anxiety in Therapy for Teens with Anxiety in Metairie, LA.

Right Brain Solutions for Teens With Anxiety

Back in November 2021, I attended a weekend long training event that was hosted by the Southern Sandtray Therapy Institute. The training was online and consisted of two days of workshops. Additionally, it included lectures about various techniques and skills. These skills were used for incorporating sandtray therapy into counseling work. What is Sandtray Therapy? …

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