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Adult Counseling Services:

I offer adult counseling services to all who need it! I have over 6 years of experience in addressing a variety of issues ranging from LGBTQIA+ related issues, job and career related problems, trauma, and so much more.



Adult counseling is like building a house. Before counseling, you only have one wall of your house built. With the help of a counselor, you can gradually add more walls to your house. As we work together, you can build more walls, and more rooms and you gain the ability to move from room to room with ease. You learn how to furnish and decorate your house to make it cozy and safe for you to live in. Over time you are able to zoom in and out of your house’s floor plan to view all perspectives and make choices about where you want to go. In the process, you build the doors that allow you to set boundaries with who you allow into your house and when.



The architect of your life is YOU and your counselor is your handy assistant on the journey to your new happy home!

Specialty Areas:


                • LGBTQIA+ Issues
                • Codependency
                • Relationship Issues
                • Childhood Trauma
                • Career Dissatisfaction
                • Anxiety and Depression
                • Parenting
                • Attachment Trauma